Tin Coating Plant
Tin Coating Plant
Tin Coating Plant
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Chromeplating Plant

Tin Coating Plant

Tin Coating Plant
Tin Coating Plant
Tin Coating Plant Photographs
Tin Coating Plant Product Video
Tin coating plant with Transporter type transfer mechanism

Tin coating plant is specially designed to facilitate best Tin coating of parts. Flexibility to have loading and unloading at the same end or opposite ends. The system can have variable process time and also the jobs can have a rotation in the process liquids.

This machine is best to achieve Tin coating requirements.

The system has:
Station 1: Pre cleaning with auxiliary storage tank
Station 2: Ultrasonic cleaning Tank
Station 3: Cascade Rinsing (combination of rinse 1 and rinse 2)
Station 4: Etching
Station 5: Cascade Rinsing (combination of rinse 3 and rinse 4)
Station 6: Tin coating
Station 7: Drag out
Station 8: Cascade rinsing (combination of rinse 5 and rinse 6)
Station 9: Hot Static Rinsing
Station 10: Hot air drying


  • Loading & unloading at same or opposite side.
  • Variable and selectable process time for all the process.
  • Very heavy components can be Processed.
  • Components can be rotated or dunked during the process.
  • Multi transportation for better cycle time.
  • PLC based system.