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Kfie Video of Chromating
Chromeplating Plant

Kfie Video of Chromating

Kfie Video of Chromating
Kfie Video of Chromating
Kfie Video of Chromating Photographs
Kfie Video of Chromating Product Video
Surface Treatment Plant With Transporter Type Transfer Mechanism

This is a trivalent chromating system for components. Chromating is a surface conversion process of aluminum to achieve better corrosion resistance. The trivalent chrome process is more environment friendly than the conventional hexa-valent chrome process.

This is a large surface treatment plant with 22 tanks, 3 nos of transporters, exhaust system, Scrubber etc.

The components are taken to various process tanks, dipped, dunked or oscillated as per the process requirements.

The process includes : Degreasing, Rinsing, Acid dip, Rinsing, Chromating etc.


  • Loading & unloading at same or opposite side.
  • Variable and selectable process time for all the chemical process.
  • Very heavy components can be processed.
  • Multi transportation for better cycle time.
  • PLC based system
  • Conveyerised hot air cum vacuum drying system for curing.