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Single Piece Piston Cleaning Machine with Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Automated Cleaning system with Pick and Place Mechanism
  • This ultrasonic cleaning machine is specially designed to clean the piston or similar components.
  • This is a single piece flow machine
  • Loading and unloading at the opposite end
  • High through put and reduced cycle time
  • Piston is loaded on the fixture can be manual or auto
  • Piston grove and pin holes are cleaned by oriented spray
  • Cleaning is done at 5-6 kg pressure
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is added for fine cleaning
  • Cleaning is followed by good rinsing
  • Cleaning is followed by air drying from top, side and bottom of the piston.
  • This type is specially designed to facilitate best cleaning of parts going to the final assembly.
Pick & Place
The piston is shifted from one conveyor to another conveyor of the machine with help of pick & place. Similar pick and place is used for auto loading and unloading


  • single  piece cleaning
  • Loading and unloading at the opposite end
  • Real time Filtered liquid is sprayed.
  • Air drying
  • Air blow to remove trapped water in crown
  • Automatic Conveyerised chain transfer system
  • PLC based system