Nozzle Cleaning Machine
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Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Nozzle Cleaning Machine

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Fuel Injection Nozzle Cleaning Machine
  • The machine is specially designed to clean the fine oil passages of Nozzles.
  • To achieve a very high through put and reduced cycle time  
  • The components are passed as a set of 4 nos. in a pallet and the oil passage are cleaned by oriented spray.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is added for fine cleaning
  • Cleaning is done at very high pressure.
  • Cleaning is followed by good rinsing
  • Cleaning is followed by hot air and vacuum drying.
  • The system is designed for line automation.
  • Singe piece or multi piece
  • Oriented and gross wash
  • Real time Filtered liquid is sprayed.
  • Vacuum drying
  • Automatic pallet transfer system