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Walking Beam Cleaning Machine

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Cleaning System with Walking Beam type Transfer Mechanism

Walking Beam cleaning machine type is specially designed to facilitate the cleaning of parts going to the final assembly. With the loading and unloading at two different ends the machine becomes an inline cleaning system in the production line.
This medium sized machine is very much suited to achieve very fine cleaning results, facilitates assembly line production cell to produce highly clean and well dried parts at minimal costs.

The system has cleaning, rising and drying.

Cleaning options can be the either one specific process of combination of the processes.

Generally they are

Spray Cleaning
where a spray of typical 5-6 bar pressure is affected on the parts either by oriented cleaning or gross cleaning to get adequate cleaning.

Injection Flood Wash
where by the introduction of very high pressure liquid in process liquid strong turbulence is created because of which liquid reaches tiny holes and also ensures effective cleaning all over.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic power creates alternate pressure effect in liquid to produce cavitational bubbles. This is achieved through Piezo electric crystals suitably bonded and excited by a high frequency signal.

These cavitational Bubbles are collapsed during the compress ional mode of the cycle, high pressure mechanical effects are created which blast away the solid soil from the surface. These cavitational bubbles clean the components by effecting a very good solubilisation.  Very fine holes and holes with complex can be cleaned.

Good and continuous filtration ensures the constant removal of dirt from the cleaning solution and effective oil skimmer increases the life of the cleaning solution.

Rinsing are either single or multiple rinses with plain jet spray or flood washing.

Injection Flood Rinse
is Effective rinse is essential for remove residual chemicals and avoid re deposition of contaminants which is done by immersing the components in water bath with high-pressure turbulence.

Good and continuous filtration ensures the constant removal of dirt from the rise water solution and low TDS water ensures a stain free cleaned component

Drying is effected by simple air blow, Hot air blow or vacuum drying.

Hot air Drying
Recirculation of hot air at around 100 deg C for a specified time to remove all the moisture.

Vacuum Drying
To affect a total bone dry component, a vacuum drying station is added. Lowering of boiling point of liquid at higher vacuum is effectively used to dry the components.


  • Loading & unloading at opposite side
  • Common process time for all the process
  • Heavier loads can handled
  • Easy to locate & Start
  • PLC based system