Engine Valve Cleaning Machine
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Engine Valve Cleaning Machine

Engine Valve Cleaning Machine
Engine Valve Cleaning Machine
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The Engine valve cleaning machine comes with 4 Stage aqueous Cleaning System using detergent chemical as aqueous solvent. Following is the plant data and the process description.

Pre Cleaning Tank
The components cleaned in this stage are subjected to hot dip of solvent at around 70 deg C temp, aiding the removal of most of the oil and also a coarse cleaning is achieved in this stage. An flood wash is given by returning the detergent chemicals through an eductor. The components are dunked to get a better impingement and dissolution of oil.

Soak Cleaning
Process description: This is the repeat of the earlier process to achieve a fine cleaning of the components with an aqueous detergent chemical. The solvent is filtered by a fine filter of 10microns.

Process Description: The carry over chemicals on the surface of the components are removed in the rinsing station. To achieve a quick dissolution of the carry over chemicals the water is heated.

The components are dried in this station by a blast of hot air at around 100 deg.